Monday, December 1, 2014

They already have the christmas music on the radio, someone please shoot me.

    Winter is upon us.  As I type this, it is currently 23 degrees (-5 for the civilized world) outside, and the weatherman says that it isn't getting much better.  Try as I may, Ibrahim Ferrer is doing little to change me to sunnier states of mind.  The good news is, now that I can't escape Lunch, I have to actually sit down and write for a change.

    Speaking of.  It should be pretty clear to anyone reading this that we weren't able to meet our Fall release goal for our first demo, and for that we're really sorry. It's been a crazy last few months for almost the entire team, and, unfortunately, real life has to come before all-volunteer collaboration projects. But now, things have largely settled down enough that we'd like to announce that our new goal is to have this demo out by Christmas. Will it happen? Let's find out!

    As we patch our paths together, we've spent a lot of time thinking about the mechanisms of the titular ship, the HMCS Familiarity.  One of the biggest challenges so far is to convincingly create a steampunk universe that is both factually sound and unobtrusive to the actual story.  This is something I personally have a horrible time with, because, as my cohorts will tell you themselves, I am just as happy dissecting a facet of our universe as I am to actually WRITE about it.  The historical aspect is even worse, because we can (and have) spent entire nights discussing just what the political landscape of our story is like, stopping occasionally to tell a dick joke or to say “Hey, wasn't there a character route we were talking about?”

    The short of all that is, holy crap is there a lot of little stuff we can play with.  Steam power may have gone away before even my father's time, but learning about it gives it life anew.  Writing this story has brought romantic images of tramp steamers, locomotives, and factories from a time where the world was still very much large, mysterious, and exciting.

    Anyways.  The holidays are right around the corner, and my path isn't going to write itself (as Lunch will be sure to tell you), so stay tuned for something new.