Monday, December 24, 2018

Slow Down to Speed Up

Hello everyone! Jumper here again. Oh boy it’s been a while since you’ve heard from us! I can assure you we are still going and still kicking, still having weekly meetings where we toil away at whatever needs to be done. I assume if you’re reading this you’ve stuck with us too, and we appreciate that!

Artwork by Fry!
You know for me, this time of year is a time of introspection. A good time to reflect on the past year, see what I did right and what I did wrong, and perhaps change so I can do better next year. This past year was admittedly slow for us. After putting out the second demo, we stopped, took a breath and evaluated what all needed to be done, and what we still had to do. We’ve been quietly working without anything to publicly show from it, a new song here or new backgrounds there, I know I’ve made many good quality of life changes to Familiarity, something I hope you’ll appreciate. As I reflect on the past year of development, I think of us slowly and quietly working to make things better, and to set us up so when we’re ready, we can kick it back into high gear and start cranking out finished scenes and new builds.
So that’s what we hope to do in 2019. We’re gonna speed it back up, get things going and start working on a lot of cool stuff we hopefully can show you. I know I’m personally very excited to see where we take everything. It’s good to slow down and take a rest, just as long as you know when to get going again. We hope you’ll stick around for it, and enjoy what we have to show.
With the holidays approaching, we hope you take the time to slow down a little too, and spend it with your loved ones, the people you cherish in your life. We at Airheart Interactive wish everyone a very happy holidays, and a very good new year. See you in 2019.