-Full name: Gavin Leander Clarke
-Birthday: November 17th (age 22)

-Planet of origin: Earth, Sol System
-Hair: Brown
-Eyes: Hazel

 -Meat and potatoes
 -Unpaid overtime

Gav is an honest and hardworking young man who nonetheless feels out of sync with the world around him. As a child he displayed a knack for any and all things mechanical, and in another life he might have become an engineer of some renown, but few things close more doors than constant and crushing poverty. Instead, Gav continues the family tradition of working as a dockhand in the Liverpool spaceport--a time-honored legacy borne of necessity and never desire. Possessing both an enduring optimistic streak and a cynical (albeit well-meaning) sense of humor, Gavin struggles to make a future for himself, although he's never been able to completely dismiss the nagging feeling that there should be more to life than this.

-Full name: Morial Catherine Lincoln Westfield
-Birthday: March 25th (age 22)
-Planet of origin: Korunas, Vepr System
-Hair: N/A
-Eyes: Yellow/Red

 -New things, all shapes and sizes
 -Vacuum cleaners

Born on an uncharted planet and raised by a human couple, Morial Westfield has risen far from what could ever have been expected of her. In a society that treats aliens as second class citizens, she’s become a teacher, a biologist, and the pilot of her own small research vessel. She lives aboard the Familiarity, taking contracts with the Crown to survey previously unexplored systems in search of valuable resources and the occasional untold wonder.

-Full name: Samantha Liena Sambrook
-Birthday: April 23rd (Age 21)
-Planet of origin: Mahlus, Eudora System
-Hair: Reddish Brown
-Eyes: Dark Blue

 -Haskillian snake wine

Brash, headstrong and bitterly sarcastic at times, Sam is the lead mechanic at Shackley & Mackinder, one of the largest and most respected workshops on the Familiarity. Rarely seen without her constant companion, a massive, hulking and brutish automaton named Fezzik, Sam rules her world of flashing gears and superheated machinery with an iron fist and a nasty right hook. Things at the smithy might not be quite what they seem, however...

-Full name: Diagnostic Analysis Engine
-Birthday: August 31st (Age 34)
-Planet of origin: Unknown
-Hair: Light Blonde
-Eyes: Green

 -Storage closets

Diane is a “foreign artifact” that was recovered by one of Familiarity’s expedition teams. She has been repurposed for use in the medical wards there, and primarily works on tough or undesirable cases that are given to her by the senior medical staff. Although her peers tend to downplay her competence and treat her like a piece of equipment, she is universally loved among her patients, who quickly grow attached to her warm, nurturing personality.