Thursday, December 5, 2013

Character reveal: Sam

Well, now it looks like it's my turn so uh, here we go I guess. I'm Lunch, hello again. I used to do some writing under the name Scissorlips, and I'm not ashamed of it or anything, but it's a little too serious and Lunch is a name I've had for much longer anyway. Enough about me though. Today I'm here to introduce you to this little lady. 

Brash, headstrong and bitterly sarcastic at times, Samantha Sambrook is the lead mechanic at Shackley & Mackinder, one of the largest and most respected workshops on the Familiarity. She claims to have lived aboard the city-ship for almost as long as she can remember, but the rude and reckless attitude of her crew suggests that she hasn’t been in charge long enough to earn any love and respect.

Sam is rarely seen without her constant companion, a massive, hulking and brutish automaton named Fezzik (“The Fezz” to anyone looking to explore an exciting career in being a meat puddle). Slow to trust and quick to anger, Sam is initially wary of Gavin but unable to resist helping anyone so clearly in need. She offers him a place under her wing in a world of flashing gears and superheated machinery, but things at the smithy might not be quite what they seem... 

Sam’s design is a hodgepodge of things playing off the classic greasemonkey archetype, but as far as her character itself is concerned, I had no real central motif other than “figuratively tough as nails girl backed up by literally tough as nails robot.” Not to give too much away, but my biggest goal with her route was (is) to try something different from what I’ve written in the past and tell a story that focuses on external conflicts as opposed to internal ones. Basically, I wanted to have bar fights and bad guys instead of emotional talks and dealing with baggage. 

There may still be baggage (after all, everyone’s got some), and that’s not to say things will be all action and no fun or romance. But at the end of the day, I hope that Sam’s route will keep you guessing, occasionally punch you in the gut and just be a pretty engaging read overall. That’s all I can really want or ask for.

Thanks for dropping by. Tune in sometime next week for our fourth character reveal. This space for rent.