Monday, December 24, 2018

Slow Down to Speed Up

Hello everyone! Jumper here again. Oh boy it’s been a while since you’ve heard from us! I can assure you we are still going and still kicking, still having weekly meetings where we toil away at whatever needs to be done. I assume if you’re reading this you’ve stuck with us too, and we appreciate that!

Artwork by Fry!
You know for me, this time of year is a time of introspection. A good time to reflect on the past year, see what I did right and what I did wrong, and perhaps change so I can do better next year. This past year was admittedly slow for us. After putting out the second demo, we stopped, took a breath and evaluated what all needed to be done, and what we still had to do. We’ve been quietly working without anything to publicly show from it, a new song here or new backgrounds there, I know I’ve made many good quality of life changes to Familiarity, something I hope you’ll appreciate. As I reflect on the past year of development, I think of us slowly and quietly working to make things better, and to set us up so when we’re ready, we can kick it back into high gear and start cranking out finished scenes and new builds.
So that’s what we hope to do in 2019. We’re gonna speed it back up, get things going and start working on a lot of cool stuff we hopefully can show you. I know I’m personally very excited to see where we take everything. It’s good to slow down and take a rest, just as long as you know when to get going again. We hope you’ll stick around for it, and enjoy what we have to show.
With the holidays approaching, we hope you take the time to slow down a little too, and spend it with your loved ones, the people you cherish in your life. We at Airheart Interactive wish everyone a very happy holidays, and a very good new year. See you in 2019.

Sunday, July 1, 2018


Greetings and salutations, salacious citizens of our sovereign Empire! I bid you a most humble hello on this great and truly auspicious day! For it is I, the one and only Otto Von Aureus, the most proficient publicist, editor in chiefly fashion and director of reportation at The Daily Space Walrus, the finest source of news in all the galaxy that you've managed to get your grubby little hands on!

I know what you're thinking, dear reader. What could possibly be so great, so dire that such as dedicated a public servant such as myself would lift my finger from the pulse of our great and vast Empire and direct it instead to be addressing your most undoubtedly dubious self? I'm glad you asked, for I had the same question and as they do indeed say, great minds tend to think alike! And now that you have found yourself in such as fine a company, I ask you to divert your eye (or closest analogous visual receptacle) to the main body of today's article: a gentleman's primer on The Spacer's Almanac, that seminal work that has guided many a wary traveler through the perils of the unknown.

Written in (editor's note: missing date? Who was in charge of researching this piece? If you can't find it Otto, REMEMBER TO DELETE THIS SECTION LATER), The Spacer's Almanac is a veritable fountain of life, in that the information contained therein can allow you to keep on living! Every page contains knowledge of note about history, technology, xenobarloogy (editor's note: is this supposed to be "xenobiology?" DO NOT PUBLISH until this is verified!) that can light YOUR path in the darkness of space!

For demonstrational purposes, today we've borrowed a copy of the Almanac from one... oh. It looks like "Garbin Clack." (Really? Who comes up with these names?) It appears that the fine young Mister Clack possesses a secondhand copy, but we at the Daily Space Walrus would like to remind you, dear reader, to always purchase a new copy upon every revision of The Spacer's Almanac, because the updated wording and occasional rearranged chapter could be the difference between life and death out there in the void!

As luck would have it, all editions of The Spacer's Almanac are highly portable, and as such we recommend that the savvy spacer carry their copy on their person at all times! One never knows when the information contained within will suddenly become relevant, and the more one sees of the world, the more they might find to be worthy of further reading!

Now, as we have clearly demonstrated both in this article and in our regular public publications, a well read citizen is indeed a happy and prepared citizen. However, the great minds of Administration in the Summerdale district have asked us (that's one way to put it, Otto) to gently remind you, dear reader, that perusing the pages contained within The Spacer's Almanac is not required, as it were, to survive here aboard the HMCS Familiarity.

This information should be considered supplementary, to be read for one's own pleasure and enlightenment. We here at The Daily Space Walrus are proud to offer you both at (take it down a notch here, Otto) regular intervals, so please look forward to our next report coming soon (no), which will blow the whistle on a scandalous surprise sequestered within our own very city-ship: the charismatic cabal brewing within our very own admiralty academia (absolutely not. You know the rules about them.)!

Until next time, dear reader. Remember, at The Daily Space Walrus, "We" "Work" for "You!"

final drafting complete, publish immediately following clearance from official censors (DO NOT PUBLISH. SEE ME IN MY OFFICE.)

(did you forget to put in the call for more artists? You did, didn't you?)

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Toss out your Telegraphs

Hi everyone, just a mini update from Jumper! We have a Discord server now, so join to come chat with us, get more frequent updates, play games, overthrow a small nation, and other Fam related things. Hope you enjoy it!

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Finding Our Space Legs

Hey there. Lunch here again, I just wanted to make a post to talk a little bit about Demo 2 now that it's out in the wild, and about what's next for us here at Airheart.

If you haven't already given Demo 2 a try, it's available from our Downloads page or the post right below this one. If you have taken the time to play through it, we'd love to hear what you thought! Any and all feedback is useful to us, anything you liked, anything you didn't like, any typos or bugs you encountered, anything you think could be done better differently, all of it helps!

Moving forward from here, the team is working on smoothing out several things that had to be rushed in order to (mostly/kind of/almost) meet our self-imposed New Year's deadline. Eventually we'll be releasing a slightly tuned-up version of Demo 2. There won't be too much hullabaloo about it, it will just be the same content with a little further polish and a few corners uncut, but we hope that it will be the definitive version of the demo going forward and we plan to post it in a couple more places in search of further interest and feedback.

Even (potentially way) further down the line from there, we plan to eventually release the first full act of the game as a final demo before the release of the full game. While I can't give a guess for a release date for that, I can say that the script for act 1 is completed pending editing, and many of the art and most of the music assets are already completed and waiting for their time to shine.

As always, thank you for stopping by. We're glad to have you here.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Forward Towards Uncharted Worlds

Hello again everyone, Jumper here. It's been a while since you've heard from me. I'm happy to speak to you all again, and as usual, I come bearing gifts for the new year!

On the note of gifts, I have good news. Our second demo is finished and ready for you. And on time as well

Those of you who played the first demo may not quite recognize this one. We've completely overhauled the whole look and feel. The user interface is completely different, and the scenes from the first demo have been altered due to player feedback.

Additionally, we've added new stuff! Like, 2X as much stuff! 
Instead of going on about it though, how about we show you? You can head over to our download page for the link, or get it here. (Please note: Familiarity contains language and mild violence. Young children or those who are easily disturbed should be wary.) 

We hope you all have a great 2018, and appreciate you taking the time to spend a little bit of it with us. From everyone here at Airheart, please have a happy new year!