Greetings and salutations, gentle reader! Otto Von Aureus here representing The Daily Space Walrus, your finest source of news, herehappenings and letters printed in syntaxosymphony! February has come once again, and love is in the air aboard the HMCS Familiarity... or perhaps there's been another strike down on the filtration deck.

Never should a little labor dispute interfere in matters of the heart, but better to begin taking standard precautions all the same! Ten breaths per minute now, there's a good fellow or lesser sentient creature. Once your oxygen intake is properly regulated and your humours are good and flowing, we would like to present henceforth a small plethora of satirical sartorials in the spirit of Saint Valentine's Day, hand-crafted by the good artists on D deck. Please enjoy them with your beady little photon receptors, whether they be firmly implanted in your head, mounted upon stalks or buried within a horrible mass of tentacles! And remember, dear reader: at The Daily Space Walrus, we aim for the truth!