Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Character reveal: Morial

Hello. My name is SailorBart, and I’m the creator of our first route. I have been with this project from the very beginning, and since then I’ve seen what started as a small string of ideas roll into something much larger. Today I’m here to show you the fruits of what has been a long, strange ride so far, and introduce you to Ms. Morial Catherine Lincoln Westfield.

Concept art by Thighs (bottom left) and former project artist Cherubi

Born on an uncharted planet and raised by a human couple, Morial Westfield has risen far from what could ever have been expected of her. In a society that treats aliens as second class citizens, she’s become a teacher, a biologist, and the pilot of her own small research vessel. She lives aboard the Familiarity, taking contracts with the Crown to survey previously unexplored systems in search of valuable resources and the occasional untold wonder. Though she follows her work wholeheartedly, time has found her to be more and more out of step with the Empire. In spite of this, she continues on with her invaluable research, joined by the respected Dr. Clay and her fighter escort pilot Rory Harper. Together they face a rapidly changing empire, as they follow the Familiarity through all ends of the void—known and otherwise.

Concept art by Drawbro (bottom left) and Chocojax

Morial was developed over a long, long time, in amongst several now-rejected designs. Strangely enough, after hashing out my first character over and over again, I paired up with an artist I’d only spoken to once and almost without effort, her prototype sketches were completed. From there, you can say it snowballed rather fast. The character you see before you today is virtually unchanged from the character I wrote up several months ago. In this time I’ve come to get to know her much better, and I’m hoping to bring out her vibrancy and warmth.

Get it? Because she’s kind of like a fish reptile person… thing… and she’d be kind of cold blooded.


For Morial’s route, what I’ve tried to capture is the classic adventure tale. A young man, a young woman, pirates, monsters, spaceships, and much more can be expected here. I hope you find yourself enjoying it.

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