Thursday, September 17, 2015

Spacechix & Chill

Okay, I swear we didn't mean to go silent for this long. When I said "next update in another three months," I really did mean it as a joke. Yet here we are.

Artwork by Chocojax!

Well I'm sorry for the lack of updates around these parts. To be honest this year has just flown by, and while we have made progress it's been pretty slow. I'm quite pleased with how the script has come along, but then again I wrote most of it, so of course I'd say that. Actually, besides a little editing, the script for the scenes that will be included in our next demo is done and now we're just waiting for art and music assets to get done, and for the improvements we've made to the build to be ironed out.

In other Fam related news, Hearts, one of our writers, has chosen to step away from the project in order to focus on personal matters. We wish him all the best, and he will be and is missed.

While it's true that things would be much easier if we were to cut the total number of routes down to just two, we think it would change the feel and scope of the game too much, if it was a yin-and-yang kind of thing with just Morial and Sam. Besides, Diane's character and arc have vast potential for exploring the political landscape of our retro-futuristic setting, so it's totally still something we want to do. At this time we aren't actively seeking a new writer to take on her route, but in the future we might put out a call for someone to help bring our automatonic love interest to life.

While I'm at it, one other staff opening we would like to announce right now is for an additional musician. The loyal, talented and handsomely-mustached Doctor Jekyll has been a huge help, but these days he's so busy that it would be very nice if we could take some weight off his shoulders. If you think your musical style would fit our little space adventure and you're interested in contributing even just a track here or there, please use the contact link in the sidebar to the right or drop by our public IRC channel and get in touch with us.

That's about all we have to report right now, I think. Thanks for your time. Here's a parting gift from all of us. As always, feedback, comments and critique are welcome and appreciated.

Spritework by Chocojax, environmental artwork by Lordfryingpan


  1. glad to see this project hasn't run out of STEAM yet!



  2. Keep at it guys looking forward to the finished product/next demo