Friday, December 25, 2015

Spaceballs the Christmas Update

Artwork by Chocojax!

When I was a kid, December itself seemed to last six months, and the wait until Christmas was a slow and torturous crawl. Now the month is measured in pay periods, and all I had to do was blink to send 2015 hurtling towards its inevitable conclusion. But here we are, and while we're here, there's a couple things we'd like to talk about, starting with an overview of our progress towards our next demo, and our plans beyond that.

Demo #2 progress:
  • Script: 95% - barring final editing
  • Programming: 35% - much of our focus lately has been retooling our GUI and adding new features, while getting scenes up and running in the engine has taken a backseat for now
  • Music: 90%
  • Sprites: 20%
  • Backgrounds: 110%
  • CGs: 10%

As you can see, while we've made a good bit of progress, there's a still a long ways to go. Just as a reminder, Demo #2 will include all the reworked and improved content of our first demo, plus three new scenes. After it's done, we plan on eventually releasing all of the first act as a final and standalone demo. Speaking of which, the script for act one as a whole (which consists of about 30 scenes including branching paths) is currently sitting at about 80% completion.

So enough of boring old words, words, words, what else do we have to show you? Well, you've already seen that our ever-awesome artist Chocojax has worked hard to provide us with some lovely art, and while we don't have as much progress on the UI to show off as we would have hoped, our faithful and hardworking musician, Doctor Jekyll, has whipped up a holiday-themed song just for the occasion, We hope you enjoy it, and from all of us here at Airheart Interactive, have a very merry Christmas and a happy new year. 

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