Saturday, July 16, 2016

Deep Space B(r)ass

Without a blog post. Dang. Is there anybody still out there?
Well we're all still here, and we've been making slow but sure progress where we can, when we can. We have some cool stuff to show and tell you about, so here's something that will hopefully tide you over until we have it polished and spitshined.

Above is a time-lapse of our design process for creating backgrounds in Familiarity. Our stalwart and talented artist LordFryingPan starts with a description and tone provided by our writers, creates an initial sketch, and then we work together until we eventually reach the final product seen here. Check back (potentially much) later for more!


  1. i've been checking in every few days since before the project officially launched, and i'm really glad you guys are still going.

    i wish you guys all the best and can never wait for the next post, even if it's another seven months from now

  2. Nice to see you are still at it. Keep up the good work and will i will be back again for the Christmas update.

  3. Hey, thanks guys! It means a lot to know there are still people out there interested in what we're doing.

  4. Really happy to see an update here after so long. Keep going strong guys, even if the next update is in a while ill still be here checking once every few weeks.

  5. You really shouldn't celebrate your delays. You might end up needing to fire another author.

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